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Pallo Tool Heads – Pack of 3

Pallo Tool Heads – Pack of 3

Buy Pallo Tool replacement heads on Happy Donkey. Keep those espresso machines clean and shiny. For better coffee making. Group head cleaning made easy.

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Pallo Tool Heads. A pack of 3 replacement head pieces. Made for the Pallo tool. The heads screw on and off the end of the tool. Consequently they are replaceable. Because these are the best cleaning brushes. We forget that even they wear out eventually !

But when heads do wear out we can replace them easily. Fits all colours of handle. Used by all the best coffee makers domestic and commercial. These are the ones to buy. One only has to look at the Pallo Grindminder 2 brush to see the quality shine.

Why Pallo Tool heads are better ?

Simply because of the fantastic construction. The superior design. Other brushes also work well. For instance the Crema Pro group head brush. The bristles on the Pallo are thicker and harder wearing than any other coffee brush.

The diameter of the head is also the largest available. Consequently cleaning is faster and more effective. On the rear of the head is the steam tip clearing pointer. In emergencies this can be used to clear a block steam wand. However it is always best to remove and soak the tips for cleaning. Followed by an internal clean with a Pallo Steamy Wanda

Why use a group head brush on an espresso machine?

The answer is simple. Coffee ground, when dried become hard. When the portafilter of the machine goes into the head, it raises in height. The portafilter stops when it hits the group seal in the head.

If there is dried coffee on the seal it causes damage. Consequently the seal wears out. In other words it will need to be replaced. Costing time and money. Simply wiping round the seal after every coffee helps prevent this.

The more areas of the espresso machines we clean, the more reliable they stay. A clean coffee machine makes a clean coffee. With great aroma and great taste. Every espresso machine needs a group head brush.


Coffee machines with a 3-way solenoid like the Gaggia Classic. In addition to most commercial machines. Can be back flushed. If that is of interest read our backflush a coffee machine guide

Pallo heads are great because they:

  • Are environmentally friendly idea
  • Saves buying a new brush
  • Are value for money



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