Brita C50 Freshmore

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Brita C50 Freshmore filtration for the nation yes even for those in a soft water area need a Brita. Better the taste of the mishmash coming out of the tap with a C50 come Friday night you’ll be singing love songs on the karaoke machine.

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Soft water area water filtration. A speciality system is needed. The good news, it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

In actual fact it’s cheap, hooray ! You have already looked at the water filter over view on the blog haven’t you?

No of course not. Never mind it’s not too late. If the local vicinity is considered to be a soft water area first of all the measurement needs to be taken.

Do this with the water hardness test kit. Because the test kit is so refined and well researched it can tell you what to do.

First of all if the result is above 4 then you’re not as soft as you thought. Therefore you need to look at a standard Brita Purity cartridge and head.

Second of all is if you have scored 4 or less, you need the freshmore C50 cartridge. The Freshmore is Carbon only therefore it will not strip out the minimal amount of nutrients in the water.

Moreover what the filter will do it hold back any nasties and kill of harmful bacteria. Most important of all is those who drink coffee every day will notice a difference in taste. It will be better!

If you’re in a soft are get a Freshmore today and don’t forget the head. A fixed 30 or an adjustable may be used. Standard connections are 3/8th inch.


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